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Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School, serving grades TK-8, has been providing an exceptional curriculum for students in Ventura County since 1963.

LVAES fosters academic and personal excellence in each student within the framework of a Christian environment.  The administration and faculty seek to instill positive Christian values in each student to help him/her be successful in life.  The school-wide learning outcomes at LVAES are:                           

    F. A. L. C. O. N. S.                                   L. V. A. E. S.

  • Following Jesus plans for me

  • Active and respected members at school, home and in the community.

  • Learning to lead

  • Critical thinker and problem solver

  • Obeying God's law

  • Never giving up

  • Shining light for Jesus

  • Learning to lead

  • Vessel for Jesus

  • Aspiring to excellence

  • Establishing a growing relationship with Christ

  • Serving others

    This commitment has given Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School the reputation for being a place where students excel academically, have a cherished experience with God, and mature socially.

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