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It is the desire of our school to give every student the opportunity to experience the gift of music as a blessing to others and himself/herself.

   TK, Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd              Grade Music Class  

Fun activities introduce our young students to notes and rhythms while teaching them to perform together as a group.  In addition, students are given the opportunity to sing in the school choir and learn Bells.  Building confidence and making beautiful music are two of the key benefits of playing bells.  No prior music experience is required, but students quickly learn notes, timing and the skill of working together as a group.

   3rd & 4th Grade Music Class 


The complexity of the music increases with this class, but the fun continues.  Students learn to name notes, and clap out more complicated rhythms.  In addition to singing in the school choir, students learn to play the recorder, improving their ability to read notes, play rhythms, and work together to make beautiful music.

   5th - 8th Grade Music Class 


  1. Choir - Students are inspired by learning to sing parts, keeping the balance while following the notes and the conductor.  All this prepares them for high school choirs and more, if they choose.
  2. One Voice - By audition only
  3. Beginner Band - For many students this is the first time they have played an instrument, while others may have more experience.  Put them all together and they're thrilled when they play as a group and hear that great sound! 
  4. Advanced Band - By audition only