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Welcome to Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School, LVAES is founded on the belief that God has a special purpose for each student.  LVAES sets out to help each student develop their mind and their talents through academic excellence and the study of the Bible as they discover their maximum potential and learn to develop a relationship with God.

Attending Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School is a privilege.  The education offered at LVAES focuses on all aspects of a student's growth.  The students learn self-discipline and the virtues of leadership as well as receive the academic training that will prepare them for success in high school, college and life.

Each faculty and staff member is personally interested in the success of each student and committed to providing an education and environment that will allow them to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

In order for the student to benefit from this opportunity, the student must be committed to working diligently for a quality Christian Education and have the desire to be academically and spiritually challenged.

We welcome all who desire a Christian education and choose to abide by the policies and standards of Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School.







Principal - Lois N. DeWitt

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