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Summer Update and Dress Code
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Summer Update and Dress Code
Update For Our Linda Vista Family                                                     June 18, 2013
We hope you are having a wonderful summer, full of memory makers and quality family time.  We have some exciting things to look forward to this coming year.  Improvements on the way are:  blacktop replaced with new “game boards” painted on it; couple of new tether ball poles outside 7 & 8; new bell system, carpet in third/fourth room; the addition of National Junior Honor Society Chapter (7 & 8); the inclusion of attendance grades and a slightly revised dress code.
By way of explanation concerning the attendance policy, I am enclosing the new policy.  The short version is that it is based on a point system where you lose points for tardies and unexcused absences but can earn points for no absences for 20 days in a row.  The attendance grade will be included in calculating the GPA.
Honor Roll will require a 3.5 GPA with all subjects included in the calculation including P.E., music, attendance.  An A will count as an A regardless of the number of hours the subject is studied.  (An A in band is worth 4 as is an A in math) Grades carry the following points:
                                                A=4   B=3  C=2   D=1
The dress code for this coming school year will be polo shirts, (with collars) in white, navy, red, royal blue.  Pants/walking shorts are camel, black or navy.  There can be no skinny pants nor cargo pants. Skirts/jumpers in uniform plaid are still fine.   Outerwear needs to have no writing on it nor logos.  Hooded outerwear needs to be removed in the classroom.  Our board has voted for the 2014-2015 school year to adopt a uniforms.  We want to give our families a year to get used to the idea and to provide their input as to what they would like to see for a uniform.  This year Newbury is going to uniforms and the majority of Christian schools in our area have adopted uniforms to minimize the amount of time devoted to monitoring clothing.  All other aspects of the dress code are still in effect according to the handbook.
School hours will be from 8:15 – 3:15 for K-4 and 3:30 for 5-8; Fridays we will dismiss
At 12:30.  Daycare on Friday will be free until 2:00 at which time we will start charging.  Thursday and Friday, after school, will be drama club days. 
This year is our 50 Yr. Anniversary and we will be celebrating this all year long.  We will incorporate it in our Jogathon/Fall Festival Theme; a special shirt for field trips, banners to  add spirit and will have special added touches in our church and school programs.  We plan to have a major Sports Day at the end of the year to include a photo memory Lane, special food, and festivities to wind up the year’s celebration.  Please pass your ideas on to the teachers so we can have an outstanding celebration year.  God has led so faithfully and we want to honor Him in recognizing His 50 years of leading.  Linda Vista: 50 years of Christ, Character and Community.
Office hours are Tues through Thursday 11 –4 or by appointment.  My cell is 890-7237.  Don’t forget to refer others to us and receive a month’s tuition free if your referral stays 2 quarters.
God is with us in growing our children for His kingdom; now and for all eternity.  Thank you for the privilege and trust. 
Sharron Schwartz, Principal