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Attendance Policy Updates
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Attendance Policy Updates
Attendance Information                                                                 revised 6/14/2013
Excused absence
An absence due to a verified illness, medical, dental, or optometric services, quarantine, school-sponsored
education trip, or bereavement.
Pre-arranged absence
An absence arranged at least five days in advance with a written request from the parents and approval from the
teacher and the administration. Assignments given for the  days to be missed must be turned in within five school
days of the time the student returns to class (this is the responsibility of the student and the parent). A prearranged
absence will not count against Student of the Month designation.
Unexcused absence
Any absence that does not meet the definition of a prearranged or excused absence. The student risks the loss
of grade points and the opportunity to make up the work.
An absence that is not within school regulations and without knowledge of the parents or school staff.
Failure to be in assigned place when the class begins. If students arrive after the designated time
for class to begin, they will need to be signed into the classroom by their parent.  This will provide for an excused tardy. 
Written Excuses
All student absences and tardies must be verified by the parent or guardian within five days. All excuses must
contain the following: 1) student’s name, 2) dates absent or tardy, 3) reason for the absence or tardiness, 4)
parent’s signature. If there is no written excuse (paper or e-mail) within five days, the tardy or absence will be
considered unexcused except for those times when a parent checked the child into the classroom in which case the tardy is excused.
Excessive Tardies
 A total of nine first-period tardies in any one quarter accompanied by a parent’s written request
for excuse (or a parent signing them into class) may be accepted without penalty to the student. More than nine tardies with or without a written excuse will incur the three-point deduction from the attendance points. Individual cases may be considered.
Excessive Absences
Absence from a class for any reason in excess of 15% during a nine-week period may result in the loss of a
class grade and may jeopardize promotion to the next grade level.
Written excuses

Written excuses will only be honored within five days of

the absence. After that time the absence will be considered unexcused.
Attendance Grades
Grades are issued as follows:
A=90-100 points
B=80-89 points
C=70-79 points
D=60-69 points
F=59 and below
Point values
Students begin each quarter with 100 points, and lose
points in the following ways:
One unexcused tardy = 3 point loss
One unexcused absence = 6 point loss
Attendance improvement
If during a four-week period there is perfect attendance, a student may earn six points.
Total points possible
100 points/quarter
How points are lost
More than 9 first period excused tardies= 3 points per tardy
Any unexcused tardies =3 points per tardy
1 unexcused absence = 6 points
Maintaining points
A written note from the parent within five days to excuse absence or tardy; no absences or tardies
Gaining points
SIx points are added when there is perfect attendance for 20
consecutive days