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Tuition Information and Handbook

Tuition Information

Financial Information

                       School Year 2015-2016                       
 Last day for discount registration fee ($175.00) July 13, 2015
                 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: August 17, 2015                  

Tuition is for an entire year. There are several options for paying it:
Grades K-8th  $4,250.00 (10 monthly payments of $425.00)
Grades K-8th  $4,250.00 (12 monthly payments of $ 354.17)
Grades K-8th  SDA $ 3,400.00 (10 monthly payments $340.00)
Grades K-8th SDA  $ 3,400.00 (12 monthly payments $283.34)

*The Seventh Day Adventist Churches who support, Linda Vista with donations and or monthly subsidy are: Camarillo, El Rio, Oxnard, Ventura, Ojai. Members of those churches pay lesser amount of tuition in recognition that they give financial support to their churches.

              Option  1: receive a 10% discount for prepayment for the complete school year. This payment may be in the form of cash, check, or a signature loan. Parents who use this option would be responsible to their own bank or creditor payment.

             Option 2: receive an 8% discount for payment by quarter or semester. Again, this prepayment may be in form of cash, check, or a signature loan, as in the first tier. The only difference between the two tiers is in the amount "reward" in the form of the discount given.

Family Discount: Families who have more than one child enrolled at the school will receive a 5% discount, (10% if three are enrolled), (15% if four or more are enrolled) from the same immediate family.

Book use Fee
  • $175.00 each
Registration: $225.00 ($175.00 Disc. see above)
  1. Shirt- $11.50
  2. Annual- $25.00
  3. Planner- $3.50
  4. Field Trips- $130.00
  5. Music Fee- $30.00
  6. Computer Fees $25.00
Other Fees
  • 7&8 Grade Trip-$35/monthly or 10 months $350.00 money needs to be turned in by February 1st.
  • 8th Grade- $100.00 (Graduation Fee- $50.00 "Ditch Day"- $50.00)
  • Kindergarten- $50.00 (Graduation Fee)
  • PE Uniform- $13.00

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